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Messianic Satire and Humor from The Oneg – Quality Fake News from the Messianic Jew-ish community


This is the first time I’ve recommended another WordPress blog, but the satire provided by the Oneg is spot-on. Take a look.

2 Responses

  1. The Oneg site displays the following disclaimer: “The Oneg is satire. All stories are fictional, but sadly, also believable.” While I’m pretty sure I understood what absurdities it was satirizing, somehow I couldn’t really credit the satire as humorous — because it left me with a sickened feeling that such absurdities might even exist to become the subject of such satire.

    • I can’t fully disagree at all. Sadly, I believe that many who have attacked themselves to the Messianic movement may not even catch half of the satire.

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