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Advance Notice! Ascension to the Throne Party.

Celebrate MessiahHere in the United Kingdom, we are celebrating 60 years since HRH Elizabeth’s accession to the Throne. Job well done, your majesty!

There is another, much more significant event coming up. In 2033 the world will be passing a major milestone – two millennia since Yeshua’s ascension and exaltation, being seated at the right hand of The Throne that really matters more than any other:

Sunday, 15 May, 2033. 

Assumptions in coming up with this date:

1. The date of 3 April 33 C.E. is the correct date for the crucifixion.

2. The crucifixion was on a Thursday, allowing for the predicted 3 days and 3 nights in the tomb. Yeshua thus rose from the dead on 6 April, 33 C.E.

3. The first day counted towards the 40 days that Yeshua appeared to His disciples before going to the Father was the day He rose from the dead (a yom-rishon, the first day of the week).

4. Anyone who wants to argue the day of the Crucifixion, the Last Supper, whether Yeshua celebrated the Seder on the Essene or conventional Jewish calendar, the role of yom habikkurim, etc. etc. is free to comment. Knock yourself out!

5. Should you have an inexplicable conviction that on this day Yeshua will return and you will either be judged or reigning with Him and thus you must divest yourself of all your worldly goods – please make your cheques/checks out to Daniel Nessim. I’m ready for every eventuality.


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